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Kluane Point Kennel

Safe, Secure Boarding for your canine family member 


Our goal is to provide a safe, secure environment for your pup while you are away. Your dog will have his own heated indoor kennel space with controlled access to an outdoor dog park. Your dog will have a supervised exercise time in our large, fenced dog park at least 4 times per day, either on his own or with other dogs staying at the kennel. If you want your dog to have some one on one training time, or an off leash adventure (for ecollar trained dogs only), you can add training sessions/adventures to your dog's day. 


$30.00/day. A second dog in the same kennel is $25/day.

** All Kennel Rates have GST included


$30.00 for a 30 Minute session - once per day 

  • Walking on leash (no pulling)

  • General Manners (jumping up, respecting thresholds, focus/stay work)

  • E-collar conditioning (must have your own ecollar)

  • Recall

  • Exposures to different animals, kids

Off Leash Adventures

$30.00 for a 30 minute session - once per day

  • Off leash field runs/hikes (for ecollar trained dogs only)


Hunt Training

$75.00/hour long session, includes birds (offered seasonally)

  • Exposure to live/dead birds (pigeon, pheasant/chukar, ducks)

  • Retrieves of live/dead birds

  • Intro to gunfire

  • Field search

  • Steadiness on live birds

  • Tracking work



$50.00 one way to/from Whitehorse and Haines Junction

If we are heading to/from Whitehorse anyways, we offer pick up/drop off of your dog, to save Whitehorse families the trip to Haines Junction. We will let you know if we are planning to be in Whitehorse on your check in/check out day and offer transportation for your dog to/from Haines Junction and Whitehorse. Our charge for transporting a dog to/from Whitehorse is $50.00.

Please fill out our contact form to book a spot in our kennel. Please provide your phone number for call back. We will respond to your inquiry within 24 hours. 

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