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HG's Sergeant Riggs Up North

Our foundation stud, HG's Sergeant Riggs Up North went missing off our property on November 11, 2018. Despite weeks of searching we found no sign of him. It is extremely hard to stop looking for him, we are still watching for him daily, and are hopeful that someone took him and they will see one of our many posters and our $2500.00 reward and will return him to us. 

We invested a lot into this dog, and he is not replaceable. He was part of our family and we are devastated that he has not come home to us. 

Losing Riggs has caused us to question whether we

are going to continue with our kennel, and breeding Griffons. After much deliberation, we ultimately love these animals and sharing them with others is so rewarding and joyful. We researched and found another stud from the Netherlands (Ranger) and are expecting him to be at least half the dog Riggs is. 

Riggs will live on in his 22 puppies - we look forward to their pictures from their families. Two of his daughters (Kluane and Dezadeash) will hopefully produce some litters for us in the future. 

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