We called her Kluane and she was Heather's pick of our Yukon Lakes Litter in 2018. Kluane is similar in looks to her dad Riggs, with her brown head and stocky body, she is developing into a beautiful Griffon.


Kluane contemplates life, she thinks things through and is extremely intelligent. She is independent and unafraid in new situations. Kluane loves the water and swims confidently out to the deep water, she is retrieving out to 50 yards. She enjoys the search in the long reeds and grasses and I think she will be a natural waterfowl retriever.


Klu is friendly but aloof with strangers, she prefers to observe interactions and then choose herself when to come for a pet. We have socialised her extensively with all kinds of people and animals and she is a solid, trustworthy family companion. 

Klu is doing beautifully with her field work, she points intensely and is becoming steady to flush early on in her training. She can follow a track like nobodies business. She enjoys obedience and thrives on daily work.  

Kluane was set to test at the Prairie Vista NAVHDA test in AB in August 2020, but COVID put that plan on hold. Kluane will undergo all her health testing over the winter of 2020/2021. If all goes well, she will produce some top of the line Griffon pups for our kennel in the future. 

TJ and Heather Grantham
PO BOX 5596
Haines Junction Yukon
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