Dezadeash - or Dez -  is her call name, and she is TJ's pick from our 2018 Yukon Lakes Litter. Dez is one of those ridiculously happy dogs that you have a hard time disciplining because she is always smiling at you - even when your trying to be mad. She gets this trait from her dad, Riggs, and reminds us of him everyday.


Dez is bird crazy and has been a natural retriever since she could walk. She has been extremely easy to train, though she does have a stubborn streak that she got from her mom. She requires a consistent hand or she will take advantage of your inattention. Dezadeash is joyful in the field, you can see that she loves every minute of her work and that makes the handler feel joyful as well.


Dez is friends with everybody, especially children, she hasn't met a stranger yet. On occasion she has surprised us with potential for ferocity when encountering bears in our yard or when she goes to work with TJ. She has a surprisingly loud, intimidating bark and she no doubt would protect her family and her pack with her life.


Dez was tested for her Natural Ability with the Alaska Yukon NAVHDA group in August 2019 and she received the top score of 112 points and a Prize 1. Dezzie and Ranger had their first litter of puppies of 7 pups in June of 2020. She will take a year off and hopefully produce some more perfect little Griffs in the fall of 2021. 

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