SideXSide's Brown's Lil Yukon Dream - ANNIE 

This little firecracker came to us from SideXSide Griffons in Meridian, Idaho. She comes from some of the best hunting lines in the States. This girl is easily trained, and her calm mind allows her to think about things before doing them. 

Annie is inquisitive, independent and incredibly smart. The expression on her face shows when she is thinking something through. She trained for her Natural Ability NAVHDA Test with our daughter Lydia who also handled her in the test. They received 106 points and a Prize 3. Annie is enjoying lots of socialization with people, dogs and other animals. She has learned quickly that our barnyard chickens aren't for chasing and is comfortable around the horses. This  ball of energy needs a lot of outdoor field running and is trained to recall to the whistle so she has a lot of freedom outside. This incredible dog is an excellent representation of a Wirehaired Pointing Griffon and is going to excel at everything we train her to do. Her and Lydia will now start training for the Utility Preparatory Test (UPT).

We love Annie's easy to care for coat and her loving personality - she is a very happy, joyful dog. 

TJ and Heather Grantham
PO BOX 5596
Haines Junction Yukon
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