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Kluane Point's 

King of the North (Ranger)

Hips: Good Elbows: Normal Thyroid: Normal Eyes: Normal CHIC # 156794

We were seeking a Stud Dog that would introduce authentic Korthal Griffon genetics into our line. What better place to look than the birthplace of the Griffon - the Netherlands! Ranger was born just outside Amsterdam. He has two breeders who work together to raise beautiful Korthal Griffons that are a mix of German, Dutch and American lines, hence the name Griffon International. At 8 weeks he went to live with one of his breeders in Germany, where he stayed with a few more of his litter-mates, his mother and  Aunts/Uncles. He was introduced to birds and fur at a young age and has proven to be a careful and meticulous tracking dog. Ranger has his full tail - as the Netherlands has banned the docking of tails - he moves elegantly and beautifully through the water and fields. He was 65 lbs at 10 months old and is expected to be a big, strong dog. 

Ranger is a very gentle dog, he has bonded with our children and with his pack of girls. He has learned English (the language change was a big challenge at first) and follows commands easily - though he does have a stubborn streak - typical of an intact male dog. Ranger does not require a hard handler - he is trained through patient repetition and a calm energy. In Europe, versatile dogs work with fur more than birds - they do a lot of blood tracking and searching for game such as boar, roe deer, hare and fox. They work more in the forests than the fields. Ranger has a natural ability to track - we hope to develop this more as he grows. 

Ranger has a beautiful point and a long stride - he can cover ground very quickly. He is a close working dog, but is also independent enough to range out and expand his search. He loves the water and was a natural searching for a duck over the summer of 2020 while we trained for the NAVHDA test. 

We are excited about this new stud prospect and look forward to his development over the next few years. He is training for the Utility Test and we are focusing on his tracking ability as we can see how much natural ability he has with this skill. Ranger has OFA cleared hips, elbows, thyroid and eyes and has his CHIC#. He brings some outstanding Korthal Griffon blood to our little line of Griffs up here in the Yukon.

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